Blue Kick Products

Hashimoto Liposome Automaker & Extruder

The release of the Hashimoto Liposome Automaker enables a new generation of liposome breakthroughs for the research community.

Hashimoto Automatic Zebrafish Embryo Recovery System

The Hashimoto Zebrafish Embryo Recovery System automatically gathers large quantities of zebrafish embryos.

GlycoTechnica GlycoStation & New GlycoLite

GlycoStation Reader 1200, developed by GlycoTechnica, rapidly profiles glycoproteins using its Lectin chips and its novel evanescent-field excitation scanner.

OnChip Damage-Free Cell Sorter

Contact Blue Kick to learn more about OnChip's Damage-Free Cell Sorter and how to rescue your fragile cells.

Celartia Petaka Hypoxia Cell Culture Chamber

Transforming the art of Cell Culture into Scientific Engineering...

Simpson Biotech Protein G Resin

AccuTrap Protein G Resin is used for the isolation of a wide variety of immunoglobulin molecules from several mammalian species...

Simpson Biotech COS-LM

Chitosan is a natural biopolymer produced by the deacetylation of chitin, a major component of the shells of crustaceans such as crab, shrimp, and crawfish...

Simpson Biotech Fucoidan

Many seaweed bioactive components are vulnerable to traditional harsh extraction; therefore, more gentle enzymatic hydrolysis extraction techniques ensure extraction of distinct structures for sulfonated polysaccharides...