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"What started as a concept for an e-newsletter grew into something everybody owned and participated in. With Eric's help and energy we rallied as a company to re-establish the company vision, revive international distribution channels and really increase our market visibility with conferences and meetings."

— Paul Davis, Ph.D.,
Owner & CEO,
Quanta BioDesign

At Blue Kick, a successful campaign is measured by results.

A campaign has many elements, messaging, newsletter, and outreach. A successful targeted campaign starts with a goal-driven strategic plan that relies on insightful creative to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

Your scientific or technical business depends on growing your existing customers and finding new ones. You want to maximize the return from your existing customers and find quality, high-probability, short-term leads for new customer interactions — all with a limited sales and marketing budget.

Blue Kick provides intelligent sales and marketing resources for scientific and technical companies that need to take their business to the next level.

E-mail newsletter campaign

Blue Kick develops cohesive, branded email campaigns. You know right away which brands look good and continue to have something to say to their prospects and clients. Blue Kick can help you develop and deliver that message.

Leads, leads, leads

Blue Kick can dig into your specialized market segment and deliver more leads. Lead development and lead nurturing is one of the most underappreciated aspects of most sales and marketing programs, yet it is one of the most crucial. Blue Kick can help you find more qualified leads and nurture them forward with a strong awareness of your brand.

Nobody wants dud leads. At Blue Kick we are very interested in helping your prospects through your sales process, and that begins at the first point of contact. Blue Kick understands that an intelligent initial approach is critical to growing your business.

Trade shows

How do you get out there cheaply, inexpensively, and still have a strong, committed presence? Blue Kick knows that getting out to trade shows is important to keep your conversations with the marketplace alive and healthy. Blue Kick can help you lay out a program, bootstrap if need be, that will lead progressively to more productive, critical conversations with your marketplace.