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Improved Collection Time, Embryo Isolation & more:

Founded in 2013, ACUITYnano LLC is a Maryland based scientific R&D centric company conveniently located near major research institutions in the Bio Health Capital Region. ACUITYnano leverages microfluidics technology, advanced control and imaging systems to meet the critical needs that emerge at the convergence of nanotechnology and life sciences. Our solutions enable unique control over complex applications in nano-, micro- and biomedical technology, from microfluidics-based systems for nanoscale imaging to integrated cell culture systems on NASA missions. Our team draws on decades of expertise in aerospace and biomedical engineering to help identify business value drivers that will be key for turning innovation into commercial performance and solve pressing challenges in health and medicines.

Automatic Embryo Recovery System

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Integrated cell culture systems for growing and monitoring cells on NASA missions

  • Collection Time:
    More control over collection time thanks to a blackout curtain and lighting system that can simulate time of day.
  • Embryo Isolation:
    ACUITYnano is developing a compact cell growth chamber, with special accommodations for space-based research, for cell culture related bio-experiments on the International Space Station. The cell growth chamber is specifically designed for studying stem cells, cancer cells, cell line development, allowing for micro-monitoring of critical conditions, oxygen, pH, amino acids. The short-term plan is to bring into production, with NASA implementation partners, a new unique compact design, with special accommodations for in-flight maintenance and cargo limitations.
  • Collection Success Rate:
    The cell growth chamber fosters naturally produced physiologic conditions. Instead of attempting to impose “normal” gas conditions on the cells through active incubator control; the systems passively allows cells to maintain their own, truly normal oxygen, carbon dioxide, and humidity levels.
  • Cleaning:
    Built in water treatment unit pumps water through a purification aquarium with filter and UV germicide lamp.
  • Feeding:
    Manual feeding but leftover food and waste are cleaned via the built in water treatment unit.

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