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PetakaG3 2% Oxygen

Celartia introduces Petaka G3 the most physiologic hypoxia chamber in the world, mimicking as close as possible, how tissue cells in an organism are exposed to oxygen availability deficit.

Inside Celartia's hypoxia chambers cells are exposed to a progressive reduction of oxygen availability from 45 mmHg down to the lowest oxygen tensions recorded and published on living vertebrates: 13.32 mmHg.

Petaka Hypoxia Cell Culture Protocols

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Celartia Petaka Hypoxia Cell Culture Chamber - Special Offer

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Petaka Hypoxia Chamber Features

  • Oxygen concentration
  • Hypoxia experiments
  • No CO2 incubator
  • Dehydration prevention
  • Contamination prevention
  • In Vitro Cell Dormancy
  • Cell Transport/Shipping
  • Cells/Media segregation
  • Safe handling
  • Time savings
  • Space savings
  • 3D cultures & microgravity

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Petaka Quick Protocols PDF

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