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Microfluidic Chip Based Flow Cytometer:
Damage-free, Sterile & Safe

OnChip Damage-Free Cell Sorter

No Damage

A neuronal cell from rat hippocampus is delicate and sensitive against stress. Show is a comparative experiment on On-Chip Sort to conventional sorter A.
Rat Hippocampous Example
Collaboration with Dr. Suzuki Ikuro, Tokyo University of Technology

Easy Operation and Maintenance-Free

Free from a time-consuming maintenance of the equipment. On-chip Sort does not have any wet tubes due to the use of disposable microfluidic chips. It is a semi-closed system with the use of attached chip holder covering the chip. After discarding the chip at the end of analysis or sorting, operation is terminated by simply turning off the power. The operation is very simple as droplet formation nor electrode sorting method is not adopted.

Damage-Free Cell Sorter
Live Demos!

  • NIH Campus Bldg 10, Rm 10N112
  • Cyto2014 May 17-21 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • BIO in San Diego, June 23-27
    in the Japanese Pavillion
Contact Blue Kick to participate, open to area scientists.

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On-Chip Sort

  • Flow speed is less than 1m/s without collisions
  • Flow control pressure is less than 0.3psi
  • Sorting force created by pulse flow, not electric field

The Advantages

  • RNA Assay Friendly
  • No Sample Contamination
  • Sorting in the culture medium
  • Safe: No aerosol, fits in safty cabinet
  • No adjustment of the optical axis or droplets
  • Enables new research areas such as emulsion sorting
  • No dead volume, handles samples as small as 10ul.