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In January 2009, Blue Kick was launched as solution to a real problem.

The problem? Many scientific and technology companies were not able to effectively engage the marketplace with their great ideas. There was clearly a disconnect between company output and prospective client needs.

After taking a series of scientific and software companies to the next value inflection point in terms of sales, investment potential, revenue, visibility and exposure, we knew we were on to something. We were clearly bringing value to these companies, and it became clear that the optimal solution was an end-to-end solution — branding to advertising design to marketing campaign to strategic selling.

And that's why in July 2010, we took on a world-class design team. The goal was to combine premier brand creative with deep expertise in scientific, software and technical verticals.

The result is a winning combination — access to area experts who not only talk the talk, but help make the right decisions. We have the marketing and sales savvy to bring great ideas forward, as great products, to the marketplace.

Blue Kick is owned by Rentschler Productions, Etc., LLC., and has been in business since January 2009.