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When you need state of the art technology delivery, project support, scientific teams

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Lift-off for Cutting Edge Scientific Products

A campaign has many elements: messaging, newsletter, outreach. A successful targeted campaign starts with a goal-driven strategic plan that relies on insightful creative to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. Your scientific or technical business depends on growing your existing customers and finding new ones. Blue Kick provides intelligent sales and marketing resources for scientific and technical companies that need to take their business to the next level.

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Business Development & Strategy Acceleration

Blue Kick can take the mystery out of business development. We can help you put a plan in place to identify target partners. A roadmap for collaborations will guide your company toward the deals you want. Blue Kick can help you grow your business in real terms, with strategic partnerships that make sense for your business. We can help you look at your business differently, take stock of where you are today, and come away with a plan. Blue Kick takes a holistic approach to helping you reach your goals.

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Product Development & Market Planning

Blue Kick can structure a program geared toward success — to see you and your technology come out winners. Blue Kick helps you increase the value of your technology....give your special sauce a little extra kick. Technology value is all about position in the market & finding ways to talk to new clients. At Blue Kick we know it takes hard work, patience, coaching, and team work. We understand critical mass-- that intangible when sales, marketing, product management are firing on all cylinders.

Blue Kick Portfolio

Let's show off our work & our partners

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Petaka on ISS

Petaka space flight package ND Space Grant Consortium, Granting Agency: NASA Office of STEM Engagement. (RFA) Grant, partners Rhodium Scientific, Celartia, ACUITYnano

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SmartCity Columbus Operation System

participant in the development and policy navigation of the system to support multi-modal transportation, smart IoT devices, and autonomous vehicles.

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VR & IoT

IoT & MQTT and device prototype development with LogMeIn division Xively which was sold to Google for $50M, now part of Google Cloud

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OnChip Sorter

market entry and development of major US accounts resulting in sales and partnerships with US Army, Stanford, NYU, Mitchell Institute

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white papers, product videos, publications

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